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Event: Clark County Cattle Battle

January 25 - January 27

Ring A - $50

Ring A: $50 - Judge: Tyler Stutsman, IA

Judge: Tyler Stutsman, IA

Ring B - $50

Ring B: $50 - Judge: Emily Schilling, NE

Judge: Emily Schilling, NE

Event Location: Clark County Fairgrounds - Champion's Center 4122 Laybourne Rd Springfield OH 45505

Event Manager: Linde Sutherly

Phone: 937-875-0670

Additional Details

Clark County Cattle Battle

Show Entries may be made starting the Monday prior to each show.

Special Announcements


EID Tags Required for all Cattle - ALL cattle participating in any BEST sanctioned show, BEST and non-BEST, will be required to have an EID tag (this includes registered cattle). BEST cattle will be tagged at their first BEST show; however, all non-BEST cattle are encouraged to have an EID tag in place prior to arriving at their first BEST show. Non-BEST and out-of-state entries that do not have an EID tag in place prior to their first show will be tagged onsite for a fee of $20 per tag.

Online BEST Nomination – ALL show entries will be made online. The online entries will eliminate paper entry cards and exhibitors will be given the option to pay for their entries via credit card online when the entries are made, or by cash or check once they arrive at the show. All show participants, BEST and non-BEST, will initially fill out their participant registration and log their cattle into the system with each animal’s corresponding EID tag being the unique identifier that will be used throughout the show season. The participant and cattle information will be stored in the software program and can then be used to make online entries for any show for the remainder of the year. Participants may use their smartphone, tablet or PC and make show entries for BEST shows one week prior to the show, including the Ohio Beef Expo. Utilizing EID tags will provide a more efficient process. At their first show cattle will be checked-in and receive their EID tag and have the tattoos of any registered cattle checked. Then for remaining shows cattle will only need to have their EID tag scanned at check-in and they will automatically be placed into the show program. For more information regarding the BEST program, visit

For more information regarding online BEST nominations and show entries visit

Breed Qualifications

Although electronic papers are permitted, exhibitors are encouraged to have registration papers in hand at time of check in. All registrations meeting their national junior show breed association’s eligibility requirements will be accepted. No copies will be accepted. The animal’s registration must be in the name of the junior exhibitor who is exhibiting the animal. For BEST points, no family farm names will be permitted.

Any breeding heifer may also be shown as a market heifer. BEST participants may also nominate the heifer twice and track points in both the breeding and market heifer divisions.

Showmanship Divisions

  • Age divisions are as of January 1, 2019
  • Beginner Division - 10 and under
  • Junior Division - 11 to 13
  • Novice Division – 11-16 (see below for more details)
  • Intermediate Division - 14 to 16
  • Senior Division - 17 to 21

BEST shows may close showmanship to BEST only participants. The Novice showmanship division is offered exclusively to first or second year BEST participants ages 11-16. In addition to being in their first or second year, they can’t have previously finished in the Top Ten Overall Novice Market Animal, Heifer or Showmanship points standing. 11-16 year old Novice BEST participants may choose to compete in either their designated age division OR the Novice division; however, they must choose one or the other, not both.

Reminder – All exhibitors, BEST or non-BEST must comply with BEST sanctioned show rules. Read the BEST rules here.


The Clark County Cattlemen's Association welcomes all cattle exhibitors to the Champions Center. This facility is one of the most user friendly places to show in the Midwest during the winter months with heated indoor wash racks stalling and arenas.                                                       

For More Information

Sasha Rittenhouse 937.215.1415
Linde Sutherly 937.875.0670
Bob Agle 937.215.7363                                                                 

**Saturday: Heifers (2 rings) and showmanship (1) will follow the heifer show. Market animals (2 rings) will show Sunday**

Friday, January 25
9:00 a.m. - Cattle may arrive - indoor stalling available first come first serve when this barn is full the outside horse barns will be used for stalling or you may work off of your trailer.
3:00 - 6:00 p.m. - Check-In *BEST sign-up will take place online. There will be computers available to nominate your cattle on site. Please designate your BEST nominated cattle at check-in to receive your crossbred EID tag tattoo checks and registration verification for papered cattle and to receive your participant gift!

*Online sign-up and entries can be made in the show office during check-in

6:00 p.m. Celebrity Showdown with Celebrity Judge: OSU Marching Band Drum Major
For more details and to download donation forms for the Celebrity Showdown, click here.

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Check-In                                                           

This year's Celebrity Showdown will be held on Friday January 25, 2019 at 6:00 PM in conjunction with the Clark County Cattle Battle. Since this community service program was started 7 years ago BEST participants and supporters have raised over $80,000 for Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana! Our goal this year is to raise $20,000!

Saturday, January 26
9:00 a.m. - Heifer Show Ring A Begins. Ring B will begin after the conclusion of the Angus heifers.

3:00 p.m. or immediately following the Ring B Heifer Show and photos are complete (2 rings will be used) Beginner & Intermediate will show in Ring A, Junior and Novice will show in Ring B and Senior showmanship will use whichever ring finishes first. **Showmanship will not begin prior to 3 PM.**                                     

4:00 - 6:00 p.m. - Steer Check-In                                                               

Sunday, January 27
8:00 a.m. - Steer Show Ring A Begins
Ring B will begin immediately following the Angus division of Ring A  


Heifer and Steer Premiums                                                                         

Champion $500 
Reserve $400    
3rd Overall $300              
4th Overall $200              
5th Overall $100             

Other Information                                                                               

  • Show is open to Ohio Exhibitors ONLY
  • Entry fee $90 for both rings, $45 single ring for BEST participants. $100 for both rings, $50 single ring  for non-BEST participants. Clark County exhibitors will be $65 for two rings, $35 for one ring. **ATTENTION Clark Co. Exhibitors - choose the option to pay with cash or check at the show to be charged the appropriate entry fees!**
  • The show committee will provide Mulch and 1 bag of shavings in the inside stalling barn and straw for those working in the outside stalls.  Additional shavings will be available for purchase on site. Remaining Stalls that have not been reserved inside will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.  3 head per stall or you will be asked to move. Please be considerate and use the appropriate amount of space.                                                  
  • Health papers must comply with state requirements.                                                                     
  • Steers and market heifers born after 1/1/18                                                                    
  • Breed heifers born on or after 9/1/17                                                                     
  • Steers & Market Heifers and Crossbred Heifers shown by weight                                                
  • Breed heifers shown by age                                                                        
  • No heaters or generators allowed in the barn                                                                     
  • The Crazy Horse Saloon will be open in the food court                                                                
  • Show supplies will be available                                                                  
  • Show is not responsible for accident injury or loss                                                    
  • Show committee decisions are final                                                                        
  • Wheel barrows or muck carts are encouraged due to the location of the manure pits and the size of the indoor facility

    **RESERVED STALLING FOR SPONSORS** (Please call Linde by 1/17/19 for stalling assignment)                                             
  • $250 will reserve 6 spots (2 stalls)                                                   
  • $500 will reserve 12 spots (4 stalls) and 1 free entry                                                            
  • $1000 will reserve 21 spots (7 stalls) and 3 free entries

Disclaimer on Reserved Stalls - in event of inclement weather all stalls will be available for cattle only and tack stalls will be limited. The show committee has authority to reduce the reserved area and require 3 head per stall. Reserved stalls must be claimed by 8pm Friday evening otherwise will be open for stalling.               

Large tents outside of the barn will be allowed this year at the Cattle Battle; you must use Grand Rental Stations (937)599-2078 and they will be set in designated areas. There is a limited amount of tent space available near the show arena.        

When the indoor stalling barn is full, your options are:

  • The outside horse barn (new LED lighting)
  • Tent Rental (must be rented by 1/17, only through Grand Rental Stations (937)599-2078
  • Work off of your trailer


  • Make-A-Wish Celebrity Showdown - checks are to be made to Make-A-Wish, turn in your money and sign up Friday before 5pm. Show is at 6pm.
     - You do not have to be a BEST participant to show in the Celebrity Showdown
  • Celebrity Showdown.  Judge is OSU Marching Band Drum Major

Community Service
Bring a New pair of Child's Gym Shoes for "Shoes 4 the Shoeless" and drop them off in the show office and be entered to WIN a $100 gift certificate to Heritage Show Supply. (shoes need to new and in the box - nothing super expensive - "Champion" is a popular brand given out)
(details about the program at


Be sure to mention the Cattle Battle at the Champions Center for a special rate at the following hotels: 
Comfort Suites - 937.322.0707 
Fairfield Inn - 937.323.9554 
Hampton Inn - 937.325.8480 
Red Roof Inn - 937.325.5356

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